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Intelligas MCS101 Multi Functional Controller

Intelligas MCS101 Multi Functional Controller

The MSC101 is a microprocessor based multi services & multi function controller. It provides not only the control of building services but also compliance with building bulletin 101 (carbon dioxide levels in classrooms). This makes the unit ideally suited to the school laboratory environment for example.

Key Features

  • Provides the user with complete control over electric water and gas supplies in
  • Automatic gas proving as standard
  • Keyswitch authorisation required for all changes to isolated / active services
  • BB101 (carbon dioxide levels in classrooms) compliant. Choose between either switched detector inputs or 0 – 10v input.
  • Ventilation speed control. 0 – 10v output can be appended to either the switched BB101 input or to the 0 – 10v input
  • Completely BMS compatible
  • Fascia mounted emergency stop and emergency stop indicated on the panel fascia.
  • Additional Remote emergency stop terminals are provided.
  • Fire alarm interface terminals separately indicated on front panel fascia
  • Auxiliary interlock terminals are provided for the connection of gas or carbon monoxide detectors.
  • The system fascia can be mounted remotely from the main wiring PCB and linked with a 6-core alarm cable.
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