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Intelligas EGI-1 Gas Interlock system

Intelligas EGI-1 Gas Interlock system

The Intelligas EGI-1 interlock system has all the benefits of our well-established 100 series. But it is powered by a built-in microprocessor, which gives it zero fail rate. Furthermore, because it is software-driven, this system can be adapted to perform additional functions – just ask.

Key Features

  • BS6173 compliant
  • Microprocessor controlled gas interlock system
  • Easy to read user instructions
  • Software-driven processor ensures virtually zero failure rate
  • Supplied complete with air pressure switches; software deals with any aps flutter issues
  • On board emergency stop button that doubles as system on / off switch
  • Easy-to-read LED user display
  • Up to 2 additional emergency stop buttons can be connected directly to the PCB
  • Fire alarm interlocks to facilitate connection to the buildings system and an Ansuls system if required
  • Auxiliary interlocks to connect gas detection equipment or noxious gas detectors
  • Remote emergency stop terminals for up to 2 emergency stops and 1 on board e stop included
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