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Intelligas EGIP Automatic gas proving system

Intelligas EGIP Automatic gas proving system

The Intelligas EGIP gas proving system is easy to install, with a straightforward LED display. It’s different to other proving systems because all of the connections are mains rated – making wiring easier and data cabling unnecessary. This means installation is about 30% quicker than alternative systems, saving on labour. All this, plus it’s backed with our 3-year guarantee. It’s a safe choice.

Key Features

  • Kit includes control panel, 2 air pressure switches, emergency stop button, gas pressure switch and installation instructions
  • Complete Gasafe technical bulletin 130 compliant, key switch start and BS6173 compliant
  • Adjustable purge and prove time (purge 5s / 10s and prove 30s / 60s)
  • Automatic detection of downstream leaks and open gas valves to prevent dangerous gas leak situations
  • System automatically purges and proves the gas line for integrity, and gas is only made available when full prove is carried out
  • No complicated LCD display driver chips to go wrong in the heat of a kitchen (unlike some competitor products)
  • Compliance with CORGI’s TB130 and BS6173 – the system needs the manger’s keyswitch to start and low gas pressure monitoring, even after start-up
  • Low voltage: sensor outputs and interlocks are all 24v, electrically isolated supply, safer wiring and safer for service personnel
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