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Gas proving system with ventilation interlock

Gas proving system with ventilation interlock

The gas proving & fan interlock system ensures that the ventilation is on and there is no gas escaping to atmosphere before the gas solenoid valve is opened.

Very easy to use with an LCD display on the gas proving panel giving the operator solutions and not just LED indications. The LCD panel tells the operator the status and what to do in the event of any failures or problems. This gas proving system utilises a true differential pressure across the gas solenoid valve and fan failure bypass to meet GaSafe & HSE guidance.

Gas will not be available in the kitchen unless any mechanical ventilation is switched on, this is achieved by a 2 channel current monitor connected to the gas proving panel which is more reliable than air differential pressure switches. The unit has electronic pressure measuring technology, measuring true differential pressure on both sides of the gas solenoid valve. The gas proving system will ensure the gas supply cannot be turned on if there is a gas leak.

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