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2 and 3 port plug and seat valves for mixing & diverting

2 and 3 port plug and seat valves for mixing & diverting

Motorised plug & seat valves for control of heating & cooling systems. Valves and actuators are important products in heating, cooling and air-conditioning systems. They must operate reliably in rapidly changing conditions.

Empire Controls supply high-quality linear actuated valves. Our actuated valves are used in applications for heating systems, cooling and domestic hot water. The plug and seat valve have been developed based on market requirements to maximize on safe and accurate regulation for problem-free operation. The valves have a design which makes them self cleaning, resulting in long trouble free service life. 2 and 3 port control valves are available in a wide range. This range of valves are very cost effective due to low service requirements and a long service life.

Valves are also available with pressure-balanced plug, allowing them to be regulated with low thrust even with large pressure drops. The design of the valve plug prevents particles in the medium from getting caught. It also offers excellent resistance to erosion and corrosion damage. The plug is guided into the seat to prevent vibrations. The patented design also helps minimise flow noise. The valveā€™s flow characteristic has been modified by an equal percentage, providing good regulating control for the installation. This gives a high level of precision even with small flow rates. The motorised plug & seat valves can be used as a mixing valve or diverting valve.

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